Best Pole Dancing Classes: The Advantages Of Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing Classes

Best Pole Dancing Classes: the Best About Popular Pole Dancing



Pole dancing has become increasingly popular in the recent past where nowadays even men are participating. In the past it was seen as exclusively for women but because of its many benefits men are also participating.

In this form of performing art you get to combine dancing and gymnastic through the use of a vertical pole. The fact that it involves dancing means that you will be enjoying yourself.

As you enjoy yourself you will also be exercising and this will provide you with a number of benefits. Some of the primary benefits you will get include; getting fit, burning calories, improving posture, increasing flexibility and also boosting your self esteem.

By participating in pole dancing you will enjoy the same benefits you would have enjoyed if you went to a gym. But this is even more fun since you will not be participating in the boring exercises.


Since this type of dancing is fast passed you can be guaranteed to sweat and this will help your body burn calories. You will also be able to improve your balance, gain energy, improve your posture and above all improve your confidence. By finishing the pole dance class you will get the inner accomplishment feeling and this will play a major role in improving your confidence.

While pole dancing both women and men feel good about themselves. In life the small things matters a lot when it comes to self esteem and completing a lesson makes one get the achievement feeling.

Furthermore, unlike steps workouts and aerobics you will be able to get your cardio in through pole dancing. This will increase the rate in which your body burns calorie while at the same time making you more flexible and agile. Here are some of the key benefits of pole dancing.

Best Pole Dancing Classes

Improved Strength

The dance pole you are using in pole dancing helps you be able to do effective resistance exercises. This will in turn enhance your strength through the various moves you perform.

As you learn new moves you will be further improving your strength. If you master a particular move you will feel the urge to learn even more and this will play an important role in encouraging you to dance even more.

You will even get motivated more when you start seeing the changes on your body and this will make you almost addicted to the dancing.

Fun Moves

Through pole dancing you will be having a lot of fun as you execute the various moves. This makes pole dancing a unique fitness program where you will actually like what you are doing.

While dancing you do not feel the boredom that comes with the ordinary exercises and as a result you will be looking forward to the dancing sessions. You will also want to spend more time dancing so that you can have more fun.

Psychological Benefits

Almost all physical activities increase the levels of endorphins and serotonin in the body. These components are the ones responsible of giving you a feeling of euphoria and happiness.

This means that while pole dancing you will always feel happier and more satisfied. By going through the classes and mastering the various moves you will get a satisfaction feeling which translates to your life being much better.

Through the feeling of happiness you will be sharper mentally and this will help you focus better on various aspects of your life.

Contemporary Way of Exercising

This type of dancing is also an ideal way to exercise without having the actual sense of exercising.

Most people fail to complete their fitness programs because they are stressed just by the thoughts of going to the gym. Such people usually know that a gym is a place where you will leave being fatigued and tired.

But in pole dancing one is almost guaranteed of having a good time. Pole dancing is actually like a break from the hectic and busy daily routines which most of us are involved in.

This is why this type of dancing has become so popular that even men are participating in it without fear. The men have been attracted by the many benefits that come with this type of dancing and as a result it is no longer performed by women alone.

Pole dancing Fitness can be a great activity for your overall fitness level as well as your femininity and sexiness. You can get a stronger, healthier body while learning how to effortlessly exude magnetic sex appeal.

Interested in learning more about what to expect in pole dance classes and other aspects of getting started with this beautiful art form?

Check out Beginner Pole Dancing for your one stop resource on all things pole dancing, created especially for the pole dance newbie.



Pole Dancing for Fitness And Health

Pole Dancing for Fitness

Pole Dancing for Fitness And Health

Pole dancing classes are rapidly becoming popular all over the country. This unique type of dancing that was once only for strip clubs is now a hot new way to drop pounds and tone muscles. Women love taking classes that teach them new moves that are not only fun, but helpful in losing weight. They’re far more likely to stick with a program if it’s fun.

Balance and some coordination is needed with pole dancing, especially as many women use stilettos while dancing. It’s a popular way to enhance the effects of of the workout. This adds to variety of muscles being used, as well.

Why are classes like this so very popular? There are a few different reasons women like to take them. After all, this isn’t your standard aerobics class. It’s actually fun and it increases self esteem. Women feel great and that enhances their relationship in the bedroom, along with their new sexy moves. The rhythmic music makes the class even more exciting, as does the fact that men are strictly prohibited.


There are plenty of advantages to taking classes in pole dance. Each woman starts with a different ability so it really depends on her starting fitness, as well as how often she will be taking classes as to how quickly she will see results. The easiest moves are simple, just shaking the bottom, undulating the body and learning to walk sexily around the pole. These moves all require balance and coordination. After that, the real good stuff begins.

Spins are a huge part of this style of dancing with a pole. Spinning with just one foot, then with two, wrapped around the pole builds plenty of upper body strength and is vital to getting fit. The most advanced move is holding the body horizontally, then slowly using the arms to spin around the pole. This is something that can take a long time to accomplish.


It’s pretty easy to see that the classes are excellent in working those muscles. Many women wonder just how long they will take to get the dance moves down. It really depends on how fit they are to begin with, but most women will be able to enjoy moving on to more advanced spins and dance movements within a few months. It takes several weeks of regular classes to get the hang of the basics, but from there, it can easily be built up to more advanced techniques.

One of the biggest advantages of pole dancing classes is that they really don’t feel like exercise classes. Despite the fact that they are such a workout, it’s a lot of fun and for this reason, these classes are ever growing in popularity. They are often available through local gyms and fitness clubs for women.


Discover more about pole dancing lessons and get free information on pole dancing classes from my site. The quicker you start the fitter you will become.





Pole Fitness Review: 4 Benefits of Pole Fitness Lessons

Pole fitness 1

Pole Fitness Review: 4 Benefits of pole Fitness Lessons


Pole dancing for fitness and exercise is not only great for your body but also the mind. Most women who experience pole dancing find their anaerobic fitness, coordination and core strength increase dramatically in a short period of time.

But there are also many rewards emotionally and mentally. With time, women who sign up for pole exercise find the inner sexy confidence that we all yearn for. However, Dancing on a pole is not for the faint hearted as or those who are not dedicated to boost their self worth and inner growth because it completely changes how you feel about yourself to the core.

Benefits of pole dancing

· Increased strength

Pole dancing requires you to progressively lift your body weight. This in turn increases your overall body strength as well as activates and develops the muscles in the legs, back and upper body. You will feel great when you discover how strong your body has become with time.

· Body toning

You will experience an improvement in the appearance of your entire body figure. Your body will feel tighter and firmer and toned muscles will emerge in your back, legs, butt, stomach and arms.

· Balance

Dancing on a pole is done while wearing heels makes your legs appear longer and shapelier as well as helps you with pivoting on the balls of your feet while performing pole spins, turns and pirouettes. With time, your balance, posture and body control will be significantly improved as well as the strength in your ankles and feet.

· Emotional benefit

In pole dancing classes, your confidence will build, your self esteem will grow and your self-belief will increase. You will begin to feel beautiful, comfortable in your body and sexy.

Why pole dancing helps to boost a woman’s self confidence

Every woman, no matter the body size deserves to feel good about herself. Learning the sexy pole dancing moves plays a significant role in boosting a woman’s self esteem. Here are reasons why pole dancing helps to boosts your self confidence.

One of the reason why dancing on the pole challenges a woman’s inner feeling is because you are dancing in front of a mirror.

And every time a person stands in front of a mirror, they tend to get all the ugly thoughts about their body. When this happens, you are forced to learn how to deal with these unwanted emotions.

This is vital as you cannot feel good about yourself unless you are able to get rid of the bad thoughts, feelings and opinions about yourself. Harboring bad thoughts about yourself is like keeping a closed full of old clothes. You cannot change into a new style until you first throw out the old stuff and create room for new ones.

The second reason why pole dancing leads to an increased self esteem and self confidence is because of its massive physical benefits. Once you gain more strength and the general appearance of your body is improved, you will begin to feel comfortable with yourself.

This in turn helps to build an inner sense of self confidence and a newly learnt dance moves to enhance your body motion.

Who can enjoy pole dancing?

It is a misconception that pole dancing can only be enjoyed by the most fit women. No matter your body size, pole dancing is a great way to get in shape and keep fit. There are basic moves for beginners depending on body size as well as advanced moves which anyone can learn with practice.

Men also enjoy pole dancing. It is ideal for both gay and straight men because of the athletic fitness opportunities it offers.

Today, there are so many dancing competitions blooming worldwide. Therefore, you can expect pole dancing to make a huge difference in the fitness industry.

For all women who have been walking around feeling unloved and unsexy for a long time, it is about time to adopt pole dancing for fitness.

It will motivate you to respect yourself and take advantage of opportunities in your everyday life. It will also make you independent and strong.

If you have not yet started attending pole fitness classes, then you should do it today. In case you cannot find local pole dancing classes, sign up for online pole fitness classes and practice this art of dancing at the comfort of your home.






Pole Dancing Training: Surprising Health Benefits of Pole Dancing Exercises

Pole Dancing Training

Pole Dancing Training: Surprising Health Benefits of Pole Dancing Exercises


When we talk about different forms of workout to remain fit and their benefits then pole dance training comes to our mind at first. This training not only brings out your internal sexiness but also offers you a number of health benefits. Some of these surprising health benefits of pole dance are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

Burn calories quickly: Most people want to do various types of workouts to lose 10 pounds if their body fat. The training of pole dancing can do it easily as it works on all the muscles of your entire body. A 30 minute session of this dance training includes a number of callisthenic, cardiovascular and aerobic exercises to lose significant amount of weight within few months.

Build your self-confidence: You can develop your self confidence as soon as you strengthen your muscles and control your vitals. Your physical appearance and postures also play great role in improving your self confidence along with your state of mind.

Lessen your stress: The pole dancing training effects not only on your physical health but on your emotional and psychological health also. The fun people have in their dancing classes will relieve their stresses to a great extent.

Motivate you to work more: You may not see considerable effect of your routine workout on your physical and mental status but pole dance will motivate to do more as it will not only make you feel strong and healthy but also sexy. It also improves your skills to motivate you to work more in your daily routine also.

Improve your physical flexibility: The flexibility and mobility of joints and muscles are more important to live a healthy life. Pole dance can improve flexibility in your body parts to reduce the number of health problems like neck stiffness, soreness in muscles and back pain etc. along with reducing the risk of sprains.

Good for joints and bones: Pole dancing training is also good for you joints and bones. It makes your joint and muscles more flexible and mobile to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in future. It also improves the connectivity of tissues along with making your bones strong in a safe manner without straining them.

Good for blood flow and heart: The training of pole dancing is also good for your heart and the flow of blood in your entire body as it includes various forms of cardiovascular and aerobic exercises.

Find out more about the art of pole dancing. Join a pole dancing exercise online, and improve your fitness. Buy a pole dancing pole for your home and give home fitness a new meaning.




Pole Dancing Moves: How To Pole Dance Your Way To Fitness

Pole Dancing Moves: How To Pole Dance Your Way To Fitness


Pole dancing moves is the new and latest fitness craze that has almost reached fever pitch. Thousands of men and women across the country are now learning pole dancing.

In case you are wondering how that happened, here is the fact. Pole dancing was something that was associated with the ‘gentlemen club’ and other such places, but it was all in the past. This is not the case anymore.

Pole Dancing in Present Times has changed a lot. Pole dancing is now associated more with the cutting edge health & fitness, the latest and state-of-the-art gyms. This has been given an image that is new & happening.

This has also been updated and revitalized. Poles are now coming out in the bedrooms all across the world.

pole dancing moves

You will realize, once you try, that pole dancing is a very good and excellent way to work out and tone your body up. You will also realize that the moves are very good and incredibly useful for building strength and muscle of both the lower and upper body.

Seeing all the benefits, you can consider learning pole dance.Pole dancing has become an effective exercise. However, if you want to do even those pole tricks that are considered as basic, you will need to build power by practicing.

To see a pole dancer perform is a beautiful experience in itself. A professional pole dancer performs so gracefully and elegantly that the whole performance looks nothing less than a beautiful art form.

However, those moves are not as simple and easy as it appears. It takes hours and days of regular practice to learn and perform those moves correctly.

The reason behind this new and great fitness craze is its cost effectiveness. One can easily afford it. One does not need to get enrolled in some costly gym or pay for the lessons. It just takes a dancing pole, which would cost you few dollars and you can start right away & be your own teacher.

For all the women who cannot or don’t want to spend in costly gyms, the pole fitness and exercise is the perfect solution for them. The pole fitness can be a perfect option for those too, who cannot or don’t want to get a sitter while they attend the fitness classes or gym.

pole dancing moves

The pole dancing has evolved from a dance form to a whole-body workout. With improved flexibility, it also offers resistance training with cardio. Keep an eye on this space for more informative and interesting stuff.

However, I’m also considering the possibilities of having a kind of pole-event in the Olympics in the near future,

We highly recommend learning pole dancing moves for anyone that wants to improve their overall fitness. We are truly in front of an activity that helps us to burn many calories and have a great time while doing so. Click pole dancing now to get more information. Buy a pole dancing pole for your home and give home fitness a new meaning.




Pole Dancing For Beginners: A Beginners Guide to Fitness

pole dancing for beginners

Pole Dancing For Beginners: A Beginners Guide to Fitness


When people first hear of pole dancing, they often think of sexy young people in strip clubs. Interestingly enough, the physical strength and endurance required to carry out these pole dancing routines make them an ideal form of exercise. Without question, if you are tired of having all kinds of equipment in your home, being able to use using one single pole will also be of tremendous benefit to you.

A Fun Way to Exercise

Regardless of whether you are obese, or have “problem areas,” there is nothing to stop you from learning how to pole dance. In fact, once you start this type of exercise routine at home, you will be toning flabby thighs, arms, and legs. Aside from gaining a sleek, sturdy body, pole dancing will also help you achieve a crucial fitness goal. At the same time, you are sure to have lots of fun learning all the different poses used by professional pole dancers.

How to Get Started with Pole Dancing

Today, you can purchase an exercise pole for your home, as well as training videos. Depending on your current fitness level, you may have to start off slowly. That said, there is nothing to stop you from studying the basic moves, and then working on perfecting each one on a daily basis. Once you begin learning how to pole dance, you may also develop an interest in other kinds of routines. For example, you may find that Pilates offers an ideal balance to more active methods. Inevitably, developing these interests will enable you to reach your fitness goals much faster.

Many people speculate on how it’s easy to start a new exercise program, yet quite hard to stick with. Oddly enough, few people want to talk about the fact that most exercise routines are boring and repetitive. On the other hand, the very thought of pole dancing tends to fill the mind with moving images. Therefore, if you are looking for an appealing exercise routine that will give you a reasonable amount of challenge and variety, this form of dancing may be just right for you.

Pole Dancing for Strength and Fitness

Pole dancing is not just for hen parties; it is a good exercise. It is a cardiovascular exercise that burns up to 350 calories per hour. It will tone your arms, shoulders, hips, abs, and legs and helps in reducing your weight. It can make you fit and sexy… This is, in fact, a creative way to get fit. You can have fun and at the same time keep yourself healthy. It is so easy to learn that anyone can do it without too much difficulty.

Taught in many fitness centers, all you need is a pole, and you can learn to make many exciting moves. You can even install a pole at your home and do it at home. Equipment is available in the market at affordable prices and easy to assemble. You can also find them online. It is advisable to purchase good brands and always follow the instructions of the manufacturer to avoid injury.

You can become an expert pole dancer or just have a fun workout at home. It is an exercise that is suitable for beginners and also for experts. Watch more and more videos to get more creative ideas about different moves. It may be a bit difficult in the initial stages, but later you will master it. You can even plan a pole dance party or girls night out. You can hire a private instructor or buy a DVD to learn at home or participate in groups at a fitness center. You can find teachers in the gyms and fitness centers. It is good if you can set up a video camera to record your training sessions. You can check if it’s looking awkward or where you are making mistakes.

If you want to watch expert, you could potentially go to a strip club where you will find exotic dancers who are professionals who know how to work out with the pole. But pole dancing is not just for strippers; it is a sensual way of dancing that promotes confidence.

You should be fit and healthy to start pole dancing. It will be easier if you do it barefoot and with comfortable clothes that expose arms and legs. It is more dangerous if you use any oil or lotions, as it may make the pole more slippery. Before you start pole dancing, you need to check to ensure that the pole is securely fitted. There should be a lot of space to spin or move around. Finally, always remember to warm up before you pole dance.

To put it simple, this is a great way to stay fit and also have fun at the same time. Women of all ages are practicing constantly in order to learn new moves. It is really common for women to practice and share tips and tricks. If it is possible, you should seriously consider learning pole dancing.

Do you  wants know more about pole dancing for beginners, click pole dance lessons now.  Buy a pole dancing pole for your home and give home fitness a new meaning.



Pole Dancing At Home: How To Practice Pole Dancing At Home

How To Practice Pole Dancing At Home

Pole Dancing At Home: How To Practice Pole Dancing At Home 

The new phenomenon in exercise  here in the United States arrived, and many women love it. Mixed with fun and sensuality, it’s called pole dancing at home. It’s having a real fun while improving one’s strength, muscles, flexibility, stamina and even balance.

How do you do this exercise? With one single piece of equipment called, The dancing  Pole. To perform with grace and comfort, some other accessories are needed like pole dancing shoes and clothing.

Would you like to learn different types of pole dancing exercise? Try the following and enjoy the benefit of mastering it.

Climbing Exercise Pole Dancing

It is fun, challenging and even more rewarding. It improves your muscles tone and core strength.

Knee Taps Exercise

It is a cardio exercise that helps your glutes and biceps to maneuver pole dancing spins and twist. And it serves as the preparation Half-Bracket Hold Exercise.


Half-Bracket Hold Exercise

This helps to condition the your-your entire body for you to be able to perform entertaining moves.


Chines Flagpole Exercise

The ultimate inversion of Half-Bracket Hold Exercise. This exercise will improve your upper body strength and help strengthen your legs for an even more smooth performance.


Jazzman Exercise

It is a static hold that enhances your muscles to help your body increase its stamina and strength for more lovely moves.


Pipe Chair Exercise

Engages hip flexes and works more on core strength improvement.


Windmill Exercise

A pretty intense, strength building exercise that increases flexibility and improves core flexes.

Dance Poles at Home Are Great For Your Fitness and Your Relationship!

Pole dancing is more than an exotic dance form. It is a combination of gymnastics, ballet and modern dance moves performed around a pole. It provides a powerful workout that is enjoyable and makes a woman feel very feminine. Using a variety of tricks and moves women have created dance routines that are captivating to a variety of audiences. The smooth movements often include a floor routine and some filler moves, but it takes practice to perfect these moves.

For generations, men have gone to gentleman’s clubs to watch beautiful women perform on stripping poles and show off their bodies. While the stripper pole used to be only for the clubs, now many people are finding that they can add an exciting element to their sex lives and relationships by using portable dancing poles in their homes.

There are many great removable and home stripper poles that are available nowadays, most of which allow you to set up and take down in any room of your house you please. They enable you to perform all of the same tricks that you would perform on stationary dance poles, such as spins. These at home dance poles sometimes called exercise poles, are ideal for dance pole workouts.

The strenuous activity of pole dancing causes people to burn those calories, which is a great reason why they are becoming so popular for exercise!

Pole dancing for your partner is also one of the best ways to create an air of sultriness and seduction in your relationship. Your partner will go crazy when they see the sensual side of you that can only be brought out by doing a sexy pole dance!

Discover the secrets to pole dancing at home and having fun at the same time!. Pole Dancing Classes offers resources on how to pole dance, classes, and products. Visit us here.  Buy a pole dancing pole for your home and give home fitness a new meaning.


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How To Prepare For Pole Dancing: 8 Tips To Turn A Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva


How To Prepare For Pole Dancing

How To Prepare For Pole Dancing: 8 Tips To Turn A Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva


Pole dancing is a great art that most women want to try. However, it does require a person to be physically fit hence may require some preparation. If you plan to sign-up for a pole dancing class, you need to learn how to prepare for pole dancing. While nothing can prepare you for what your first turn or swing around the pole will experience, we can enable you to overcome those dancing poles first time jitters.

There are a couple of things you can think about before your first pole class to truly give you that certainty to enroll into the pole dance class with energy and stamina. Below we discuss some tips on how to prepare for pole dancing.

1.Prepare together with a Friend

Pole dancing is not easy. It requires a lot of determination and passion. Preparing for the dance with a friend will motivate you to keep going. It is important to have somebody there supporting and have fun with you as you prepare for pole dancing. In case you’re adapting together you’ll both be in a similar circumstance thus will assist and push each other to show signs of improvement on the pole.

2.Check on what you wear 

It is essential to feel good in what you are wearing. While most pole dancing teachers will instruct you to wear any workout clothing as could reasonably be expected, this may not work well as you prepare for pole dancing. Make sure you wear the proper pole dancing gear as you will probably need to warm up and will be doing some intense movements.

3.Bring along another set of clothes, water and writing materials

Pole dancing is a strenuous activity. You may end up sweating a lot. As you prepare for pole dancing, you need to have a change of clothing and a lot of water. It is an incredible thought to have a pen and note pad with you. Your teacher may give you some insights that you may need to record. Also, you can record moves you need to practice in your next class.


4.Keep your hands dry for a firm grip on the pole 

Ensure you don’t have any greasy products on your hands and body as this will make you slip on the pole and make it significantly more challenging. A slippery hand will make it hard to hold the poles with any piece of your body and you will lose confidence.

5.Research more on pole dancing

You will have some good times and inspiration if you find out more information on pole dancing. Make friends with people who attend pole dancing classes, read articles online, watch Youtube videos. There are such a large number of pole artists out there, so get busy and learn from them!

6.Rest Adequately

Pole dancing involves lots of physical exercise. You may need to have plenty of rest to relax your muscles. You require the physical rest as well as mental. These all tie in with your ability to get more comfortable  with pole dancing, continue pushing on and raising your pole dancing aptitude level.

7.Check your diet

Eat a balanced, clean eating meal. Eat healthy meals that gives you plenty of super foods for energy. You can read books on the most proficient method to make a perfect eating diet for yourself. Additionally, keep hydrated by taking fruit water or water with citrus cuts in it for electrolyte substitution

8.Exercise your Body 

Quality training for pole dancing is a necessary piece of expanding your level of knowledge on the pole. You can’t drive your muscles as far as possible consistently without harming your body. Be progressive as you exercise. You can start with body weight exercises such as pull-ups, center exercises, push ups and follow with burpees, thrusts, squats and triceps plunges.


In spite of the fact that pole dancing is fun, it requires genuine dedication and commitment to become a good pole dancer. Some people don’t understand how difficult it can be as a beginner.  Notwithstanding the injuries, pole artists can harm their body if exposed to an ill-advised system or over-training. This is why adequate pole dancing preparation is essential. Therefore, if you want to learn how to prepare for pole dancing, first prepare yourselves by following the above tips.

Get more information about pole dance classes, click link below.  Buy a pole dancing pole for your home and give home fitness a new meaning.


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