How To Prepare For Pole Dancing

How To Prepare For Pole Dancing: 8 Tips To Turn A Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva


Pole dancing is a great art that most women want to try. However, it does require a person to be physically fit hence may require some preparation. If you plan to sign-up for a pole dancing class, you need to learn how to prepare for pole dancing. While nothing can prepare you for what your first turn or swing around the pole will experience, we can enable you to overcome those dancing poles first time jitters.

There are a couple of things you can think about before your first pole class to truly give you that certainty to enroll into the pole dance class with energy and stamina. Below we discuss some tips on how to prepare for pole dancing.

1.Prepare together with a Friend

Pole dancing is not easy. It requires a lot of determination and passion. Preparing for the dance with a friend will motivate you to keep going. It is important to have somebody there supporting and have fun with you as you prepare for pole dancing. In case you’re adapting together you’ll both be in a similar circumstance thus will assist and push each other to show signs of improvement on the pole.

2.Check on what you wear 

It is essential to feel good in what you are wearing. While most pole dancing teachers will instruct you to wear any workout clothing as could reasonably be expected, this may not work well as you prepare for pole dancing. Make sure you wear the proper pole dancing gear as you will probably need to warm up and will be doing some intense movements.

3.Bring along another set of clothes, water and writing materials

Pole dancing is a strenuous activity. You may end up sweating a lot. As you prepare for pole dancing, you need to have a change of clothing and a lot of water. It is an incredible thought to have a pen and note pad with you. Your teacher may give you some insights that you may need to record. Also, you can record moves you need to practice in your next class.


4.Keep your hands dry for a firm grip on the pole 

Ensure you don’t have any greasy products on your hands and body as this will make you slip on the pole and make it significantly more challenging. A slippery hand will make it hard to hold the poles with any piece of your body and you will lose confidence.

5.Research more on pole dancing

You will have some good times and inspiration if you find out more information on pole dancing. Make friends with people who attend pole dancing classes, read articles online, watch Youtube videos. There are such a large number of pole artists out there, so get busy and learn from them!

6.Rest Adequately

Pole dancing involves lots of physical exercise. You may need to have plenty of rest to relax your muscles. You require the physical rest as well as mental. These all tie in with your ability to get more comfortable  with pole dancing, continue pushing on and raising your pole dancing aptitude level.

7.Check your diet

Eat a balanced, clean eating meal. Eat healthy meals that gives you plenty of super foods for energy. You can read books on the most proficient method to make a perfect eating diet for yourself. Additionally, keep hydrated by taking fruit water or water with citrus cuts in it for electrolyte substitution

8.Exercise your Body 

Quality training for pole dancing is a necessary piece of expanding your level of knowledge on the pole. You can’t drive your muscles as far as possible consistently without harming your body. Be progressive as you exercise. You can start with body weight exercises such as pull-ups, center exercises, push ups and follow with burpees, thrusts, squats and triceps plunges.


In spite of the fact that pole dancing is fun, it requires genuine dedication and commitment to become a good pole dancer. Some people don’t understand how difficult it can be as a beginner.  Notwithstanding the injuries, pole artists can harm their body if exposed to an ill-advised system or over-training. This is why adequate pole dancing preparation is essential. Therefore, if you want to learn how to prepare for pole dancing, first prepare yourselves by following the above tips.

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