How To Practice Pole Dancing At Home

Pole Dancing At Home: How To Practice Pole Dancing At Home 

The new phenomenon in exercise  here in the United States arrived, and many women love it. Mixed with fun and sensuality, it’s called pole dancing at home. It’s having a real fun while improving one’s strength, muscles, flexibility, stamina and even balance.

How do you do this exercise? With one single piece of equipment called, The dancing  Pole. To perform with grace and comfort, some other accessories are needed like pole dancing shoes and clothing.

Would you like to learn different types of pole dancing exercise? Try the following and enjoy the benefit of mastering it.

Climbing Exercise Pole Dancing

It is fun, challenging and even more rewarding. It improves your muscles tone and core strength.

Knee Taps Exercise

It is a cardio exercise that helps your glutes and biceps to maneuver pole dancing spins and twist. And it serves as the preparation Half-Bracket Hold Exercise.


Half-Bracket Hold Exercise

This helps to condition the your-your entire body for you to be able to perform entertaining moves.


Chines Flagpole Exercise

The ultimate inversion of Half-Bracket Hold Exercise. This exercise will improve your upper body strength and help strengthen your legs for an even more smooth performance.


Jazzman Exercise

It is a static hold that enhances your muscles to help your body increase its stamina and strength for more lovely moves.


Pipe Chair Exercise

Engages hip flexes and works more on core strength improvement.


Windmill Exercise

A pretty intense, strength building exercise that increases flexibility and improves core flexes.

Dance Poles at Home Are Great For Your Fitness and Your Relationship!

Pole dancing is more than an exotic dance form. It is a combination of gymnastics, ballet and modern dance moves performed around a pole. It provides a powerful workout that is enjoyable and makes a woman feel very feminine. Using a variety of tricks and moves women have created dance routines that are captivating to a variety of audiences. The smooth movements often include a floor routine and some filler moves, but it takes practice to perfect these moves.

For generations, men have gone to gentleman’s clubs to watch beautiful women perform on stripping poles and show off their bodies. While the stripper pole used to be only for the clubs, now many people are finding that they can add an exciting element to their sex lives and relationships by using portable dancing poles in their homes.

There are many great removable and home stripper poles that are available nowadays, most of which allow you to set up and take down in any room of your house you please. They enable you to perform all of the same tricks that you would perform on stationary dance poles, such as spins. These at home dance poles sometimes called exercise poles, are ideal for dance pole workouts.

The strenuous activity of pole dancing causes people to burn those calories, which is a great reason why they are becoming so popular for exercise!

Pole dancing for your partner is also one of the best ways to create an air of sultriness and seduction in your relationship. Your partner will go crazy when they see the sensual side of you that can only be brought out by doing a sexy pole dance!

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