pole dancing for beginners

Pole Dancing For Beginners: A Beginners Guide to Fitness


When people first hear of pole dancing, they often think of sexy young people in strip clubs. Interestingly enough, the physical strength and endurance required to carry out these pole dancing routines make them an ideal form of exercise. Without question, if you are tired of having all kinds of equipment in your home, being able to use using one single pole will also be of tremendous benefit to you.

A Fun Way to Exercise

Regardless of whether you are obese, or have “problem areas,” there is nothing to stop you from learning how to pole dance. In fact, once you start this type of exercise routine at home, you will be toning flabby thighs, arms, and legs. Aside from gaining a sleek, sturdy body, pole dancing will also help you achieve a crucial fitness goal. At the same time, you are sure to have lots of fun learning all the different poses used by professional pole dancers.

How to Get Started with Pole Dancing

Today, you can purchase an exercise pole for your home, as well as training videos. Depending on your current fitness level, you may have to start off slowly. That said, there is nothing to stop you from studying the basic moves, and then working on perfecting each one on a daily basis. Once you begin learning how to pole dance, you may also develop an interest in other kinds of routines. For example, you may find that Pilates offers an ideal balance to more active methods. Inevitably, developing these interests will enable you to reach your fitness goals much faster.

Many people speculate on how it’s easy to start a new exercise program, yet quite hard to stick with. Oddly enough, few people want to talk about the fact that most exercise routines are boring and repetitive. On the other hand, the very thought of pole dancing tends to fill the mind with moving images. Therefore, if you are looking for an appealing exercise routine that will give you a reasonable amount of challenge and variety, this form of dancing may be just right for you.

Pole Dancing for Strength and Fitness

Pole dancing is not just for hen parties; it is a good exercise. It is a cardiovascular exercise that burns up to 350 calories per hour. It will tone your arms, shoulders, hips, abs, and legs and helps in reducing your weight. It can make you fit and sexy… This is, in fact, a creative way to get fit. You can have fun and at the same time keep yourself healthy. It is so easy to learn that anyone can do it without too much difficulty.

Taught in many fitness centers, all you need is a pole, and you can learn to make many exciting moves. You can even install a pole at your home and do it at home. Equipment is available in the market at affordable prices and easy to assemble. You can also find them online. It is advisable to purchase good brands and always follow the instructions of the manufacturer to avoid injury.

You can become an expert pole dancer or just have a fun workout at home. It is an exercise that is suitable for beginners and also for experts. Watch more and more videos to get more creative ideas about different moves. It may be a bit difficult in the initial stages, but later you will master it. You can even plan a pole dance party or girls night out. You can hire a private instructor or buy a DVD to learn at home or participate in groups at a fitness center. You can find teachers in the gyms and fitness centers. It is good if you can set up a video camera to record your training sessions. You can check if it’s looking awkward or where you are making mistakes.

If you want to watch expert, you could potentially go to a strip club where you will find exotic dancers who are professionals who know how to work out with the pole. But pole dancing is not just for strippers; it is a sensual way of dancing that promotes confidence.

You should be fit and healthy to start pole dancing. It will be easier if you do it barefoot and with comfortable clothes that expose arms and legs. It is more dangerous if you use any oil or lotions, as it may make the pole more slippery. Before you start pole dancing, you need to check to ensure that the pole is securely fitted. There should be a lot of space to spin or move around. Finally, always remember to warm up before you pole dance.

To put it simple, this is a great way to stay fit and also have fun at the same time. Women of all ages are practicing constantly in order to learn new moves. It is really common for women to practice and share tips and tricks. If it is possible, you should seriously consider learning pole dancing.

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