Pole Dancing for Fitness

Pole Dancing for Fitness And Health

Pole dancing classes are rapidly becoming popular all over the country. This unique type of dancing that was once only for strip clubs is now a hot new way to drop pounds and tone muscles. Women love taking classes that teach them new moves that are not only fun, but helpful in losing weight. They’re far more likely to stick with a program if it’s fun.

Balance and some coordination is needed with pole dancing, especially as many women use stilettos while dancing. It’s a popular way to enhance the effects of of the workout. This adds to variety of muscles being used, as well.

Why are classes like this so very popular? There are a few different reasons women like to take them. After all, this isn’t your standard aerobics class. It’s actually fun and it increases self esteem. Women feel great and that enhances their relationship in the bedroom, along with their new sexy moves. The rhythmic music makes the class even more exciting, as does the fact that men are strictly prohibited.


There are plenty of advantages to taking classes in pole dance. Each woman starts with a different ability so it really depends on her starting fitness, as well as how often she will be taking classes as to how quickly she will see results. The easiest moves are simple, just shaking the bottom, undulating the body and learning to walk sexily around the pole. These moves all require balance and coordination. After that, the real good stuff begins.

Spins are a huge part of this style of dancing with a pole. Spinning with just one foot, then with two, wrapped around the pole builds plenty of upper body strength and is vital to getting fit. The most advanced move is holding the body horizontally, then slowly using the arms to spin around the pole. This is something that can take a long time to accomplish.


It’s pretty easy to see that the classes are excellent in working those muscles. Many women wonder just how long they will take to get the dance moves down. It really depends on how fit they are to begin with, but most women will be able to enjoy moving on to more advanced spins and dance movements within a few months. It takes several weeks of regular classes to get the hang of the basics, but from there, it can easily be built up to more advanced techniques.

One of the biggest advantages of pole dancing classes is that they really don’t feel like exercise classes. Despite the fact that they are such a workout, it’s a lot of fun and for this reason, these classes are ever growing in popularity. They are often available through local gyms and fitness clubs for women.


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