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Pole Fitness Review: 4 Benefits of pole Fitness Lessons


Pole dancing for fitness and exercise is not only great for your body but also the mind. Most women who experience pole dancing find their anaerobic fitness, coordination and core strength increase dramatically in a short period of time.

But there are also many rewards emotionally and mentally. With time, women who sign up for pole exercise find the inner sexy confidence that we all yearn for. However, Dancing on a pole is not for the faint hearted as or those who are not dedicated to boost their self worth and inner growth because it completely changes how you feel about yourself to the core.

Benefits of pole dancing

· Increased strength

Pole dancing requires you to progressively lift your body weight. This in turn increases your overall body strength as well as activates and develops the muscles in the legs, back and upper body. You will feel great when you discover how strong your body has become with time.

· Body toning

You will experience an improvement in the appearance of your entire body figure. Your body will feel tighter and firmer and toned muscles will emerge in your back, legs, butt, stomach and arms.

· Balance

Dancing on a pole is done while wearing heels makes your legs appear longer and shapelier as well as helps you with pivoting on the balls of your feet while performing pole spins, turns and pirouettes. With time, your balance, posture and body control will be significantly improved as well as the strength in your ankles and feet.

· Emotional benefit

In pole dancing classes, your confidence will build, your self esteem will grow and your self-belief will increase. You will begin to feel beautiful, comfortable in your body and sexy.

Why pole dancing helps to boost a woman’s self confidence

Every woman, no matter the body size deserves to feel good about herself. Learning the sexy pole dancing moves plays a significant role in boosting a woman’s self esteem. Here are reasons why pole dancing helps to boosts your self confidence.

One of the reason why dancing on the pole challenges a woman’s inner feeling is because you are dancing in front of a mirror.

And every time a person stands in front of a mirror, they tend to get all the ugly thoughts about their body. When this happens, you are forced to learn how to deal with these unwanted emotions.

This is vital as you cannot feel good about yourself unless you are able to get rid of the bad thoughts, feelings and opinions about yourself. Harboring bad thoughts about yourself is like keeping a closed full of old clothes. You cannot change into a new style until you first throw out the old stuff and create room for new ones.

The second reason why pole dancing leads to an increased self esteem and self confidence is because of its massive physical benefits. Once you gain more strength and the general appearance of your body is improved, you will begin to feel comfortable with yourself.

This in turn helps to build an inner sense of self confidence and a newly learnt dance moves to enhance your body motion.

Who can enjoy pole dancing?

It is a misconception that pole dancing can only be enjoyed by the most fit women. No matter your body size, pole dancing is a great way to get in shape and keep fit. There are basic moves for beginners depending on body size as well as advanced moves which anyone can learn with practice.

Men also enjoy pole dancing. It is ideal for both gay and straight men because of the athletic fitness opportunities it offers.

Today, there are so many dancing competitions blooming worldwide. Therefore, you can expect pole dancing to make a huge difference in the fitness industry.

For all women who have been walking around feeling unloved and unsexy for a long time, it is about time to adopt pole dancing for fitness.

It will motivate you to respect yourself and take advantage of opportunities in your everyday life. It will also make you independent and strong.

If you have not yet started attending pole fitness classes, then you should do it today. In case you cannot find local pole dancing classes, sign up for online pole fitness classes and practice this art of dancing at the comfort of your home.





Source: Shape.com